digital photograph on paper (2014)

The artworks of Bonfire-exhibition approached fire and an idea of burning with personal notes of an encountering around campfire in Wiepersdorf, Germany, where I spent four months as an artist in residency. We who lived there carried wood from the near forest, and in my mind this became like a form of common effort to generate good things.

I wrote to my notebook: ”Wir gingen mehrere male in den Wald um Holz für das Lagerfeuer zu sammeln”, ”Me menimme usein metsään keräämään puita nuotioon.” We were born as a group who share things. Same time I was reading about Heraclitus (Herakleitos), the ancient Greek philosopher, who’s thoughts exist as fragments. He thought that it is the same fire which burns in sun, in a fireplace, in lightning. Fire is fire when it changes its form while burning. Fire is like an eternal fuel which is part of the events of change, destruction and birth.

exhibition view of Bonfire at the art gallery Huuto in Helsinki (2015)
still image of digital video Ihme (2014)
still image of digital video Ihme (2014)
acrylic paint on paper (2014)
acrylic paint, steel (2014)
plaster, coal, autumn leaves (2014)